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Innovative Gadgets Smart Accessories | If you are looking for the best innovative gadgets deals with free shipping to all over the world. 45 days money-back guarantee. Then you are in the right place. Another example of smart accessories is the elegant halo Bluetooth headset and earbuds. The sleek halo Bluetooth headset and earbuds allow you to use hands-free communication with other people or other smart devices like smartphones, iPhones, or MP3 players while you are in a vehicle. Using the Bluetooth 2.1 technology in these devices ensures clear communication and allows you to drive and use other accessories like your phone, dashboard computer, or any other machine with a Bluetooth-enabled sensor dashboard-mounted steering wheel camera that you want to use. The Bluetooth feature inside the smart accessories makes it possible for you to communicate with other Bluetooth enabled devices without using your cell phone. Just like a smartphone, you can read emails and text messages from your smartphone or view calendar entries and more through your Bluetooth smartphone. You can also answer or make calls, as well as play and control music through your smartphone. These accessories work just like your regular Bluetooth headphones and earbuds, allowing you to enjoy the freedom of being able to communicate, drive, and perform other tasks without being restricted by your mobile phone. The smartphone is another excellent example of one of these smart accessories. Some phones, including the iPhone and Blackberry, come equipped with something called a QWERTY keypad. This handy feature lets you punch in a number or perform simple functions without having to press a series of buttons on the remote control. You can even use this smart accessory paired with the Remote Control App to play and change tracks, answer calls, and perform other essential functions.
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